Fort Myers Beach Segway Tours

fort myers beach segway

A Fort Myers Beach Segway Tour will give you the glide of your life!

Fort Myers Beach Segway Tours will show you the beach in style! It only takes a few minutes to learn and you’ll be on your way to the glide of your life.  Cost is $60 per person and age is 6 and up.  Tours take 2 hours and cover about 4 miles including crossing the Matanzas Pass Bridge for the best view of the beach!

This tour is fun for the whole family with numerous photo ops and stops at points of interest.

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About Segways: Segways require no balancing or exceptional skill to operate.  Five gyros, two tilt sensors and some very elaborate software sample and react to you center of gravity one hundred times per second.  Quite simply, if you can stand, you can glide.