Book Now Instructions

Welcome to our Book Now feature!  Our online form will enable you to connect directly via an emailed lead to all our accommodation members who will then contact you if they have something that fits you needs.   This is the quickest and easiest way to see what is available amongst our members.

When you fill out the form please make sure you:

  1. Check “Book Accommodation Now” at the top.  It should be checked by default.
  2. Enter date information in the fields provided.  Just checking a month is fine if you don’t know your exact dates.
  3. Enter an email address.  If you don’t have an email enter:  [email protected].  We encourage you to leave a phone number as well.
  4. Check the radio button at the bottom that says “Yes you may release this information.  This should also be checked by default.

You can include any other info you like but you MUST do these four things in order for your inquiry to go out as an email to our accommodation members.

Please click here to continue to the form.  This window will remain open if you need to refer back to the instructions.