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Who’s Playing Where on Fort Myers Beach?

Our thanks to The Island Sand Paper and the Fort Myers Beach Observer for providing our music information.  Please be aware that schedules are subject to change without notice.


Sunsets Celebrations are held at Time Square every Fri and Sat from 5-10pm with food, live music and FUN!

Pierside Grille and Famous Blowfish Bar
Wednesday – Smokin Bill, 1-5pm, Ya-Ya, 6-10pm
Thursday -Smokin Bill, 1-5pm, Pete Beard, 6-10pm
Friday-Pete Beard, 1-5pm, Jeffrey Whidby, 6-10pm
Saturday -Frank Thompson, 1-5pm; Greg Watts, 6-10pm
Sunday -Royce Allgood, 1-5pm; Smokin Bill, 6-10pm
Monday  -Anthony Wayne, 1-5pm; Chris Casdia, 6-10pm
Tuesday  -Pete Beard, 1-5pm; Royce Allgood, 6-10pm

The Beached Whale
Wednesday –
Thursday –
Friday –
Saturday  –
Sunday  –
Monday –
Tuesday –

Bootleggers Waterfront Barbeque
Wednesday –
Thursday  – Alan Small, 4:30-7:30pm
Friday – Barry Lawrence, 5-8pm
Saturday – Rastus Klain Band, 5-8pm
Sunday – Toucan Duo, 3-6pm
Monday –
Tuesday –

Bongo’s at the Pink Shell Beach Resort and Marina
Friday –
Saturday –
Sunday –

Cabana’s Beach Bar and Grille
Wednesday – Sailor Larry, 1-4pm
Thursday – Liz and Brady, 4-7pm
Friday – Tommy V, 4-7pm
Saturday – Greg Watts, 1-4pm
Monday –
Tuesday –

Castaway’s Bar and Grill
Wednesday -Live Music, 8pm-Mid
Thursday – Live Music, 8pm-Mid
Friday – Live Music, 8pm-Mid
Saturday -Live Music, 8pm-Mid
Sunday –
Monday –
Tuesday –

Chloe’s Lounge
Wednesday – Karaoke with Susie, 7:30-11pm
Friday – Mary Winner and Dave Potter,  7:30-11pm
Saturday – Renee Hose, 7:30-11pm

The Cottage/Gulfshore Grill
Wednesday – Steve Farst, 9pm-1am
Thursday  –  Live Music, 9-1am
Friday – Chris Casdia, 4-7pm; Steve Farst Trio, 9pm-1am
Saturday   – Live Music, 9pm-1am
Sunday  – Troublemakers, 8pm-mid

Monday – 3 Crooked Steps, 9pm-1am
Tuesday – Bad Banditos, 9pm-1am

Dixie Fish Co.
Wednesday – Bryan Huling, 6-9pm
Thursday – Eric Malibu, 6-9pm
Friday – Mark Wesley, 5:30-9:30pm
Saturday – Brian Huling, 6-9pm
Sunday – Joey Gilmore, 4-7pm

Doc Fords
Wednesday – Girl Meets Boy, 6:30-9:30pm
Thursday –
Friday – Cadillac Blue, 6:30-9:30pm
Saturday – Bobby James, 6:30-9:30pm
Sunday – Deb and the Dynamics, 1-4pm

Flippers on the Bay
Wednesday –
Thursday – Sounds of Steel, 5-9pm
Saturday –
Tueday –

Hurricane Tina’s Beach Bar and Grille
Friday- Bubba Love, 1-4pm
Saturday – Wendall Ray, 1-4pm
Sunday – Live Music, 1-4pm

Lighthouse Tiki Bar and Grill
Wednesday  –
Thursday –
Friday – Karaoke, 7-11pm
Saturday –
Monday  –
Tuesday – Karaoke, 7-11pm

Pinchers Beach Bar and Grill at Wyndham Garden Hotel
Friday – Deb and the Dynamics, 6-9pm
Saturday – Live Music, 7-10pm
Sunday – Live Music, 7-10pm

Lani Kai Island Resort
Wednesday – James Gragg, 1-5pm; 10,000 Views, 10pm-1am
Thursday – Toucan Do, 1-5pm; Simple Jack,8:30pm-12:30am
Friday -Sideshow Bob and Scotty, 1-5pm; Shawn Russel, 5-8pm; A200, 9:30pm-1:30am
Saturday  – Jammin G’s, 1-6pm; Tommy V, 5-8pm; A200, 9:30pm-1:30am
Sunday  –  Jammin G’s, 1-6pm; Tommy V, 5-8pm; Ben Allen Band, 8pm-2am
Monday – Jammin G’s, 1-5pm; A200, 9:30pm-1:30am
Tuesday -Toucan Do, 1-5pm; Remedy, 9pm-1am

Lani Kai Sundeck
Wednesday – Rich Lancaster, 5-9pm
Thursday – Kelly Neff, 5-9pm
Friday – Doubleshot, 6-10pm
Saturday – Shawn Russel, 6-10pm
Sunday – Catman Doodz, 5-9pm
Monday – Sideshow Bob, 5-9pm
Tuesday – Shawn Russel, 5-9pm

La Ola Surfside Restaurant
Wednesday – Eric Phelps, 2-5pm; DVS Duo, 6-10pm
Thursday – Wayne Deloria, 1-5pm; Phil Oxford, 6:30-10:30pm
Friday – Randy Cormier, 2-5pm; Beth, 6:30-10:30pm
Saturday – Shawn Russel, 2-5pm; Phil Oxford, 6:30-10:30pm
Sunday – Laurie Star, 2-5pm; Chris Kemp, 6:30-9:30pm
Monday- Briz and Lady, 2-5pm; Smokin Bill, 6:30-10:30pm
Tuesday – Wayne Deloria, 1-5pm; Phil Oxford, 6:30-10:30pm

Island View at the Lani Kai Island Resort
Wednesday – Larry Maas, 6-9pm
Thursday -Just the Two of Us, 6-9pm
Friday – Larry Maas, 6-9pm
Saturday – Larry Maas, 6-9pm
Sunday – Just the Two of Us, 6-9pm
Monday –
Tuesday – Just the Two of Us, 6-9pm

Matanzas Upper Deck
Wednesday – Pete Beard 5-9pm
Thursday  – Mary Winner, 5-9pm
Friday  – John Kiesling, 12-4pm; Jazz on the Bay,  6-9pm
Saturday  – Scotty Brian, noon-4pm; Mary Winner, 5-9pm
Sunday – Greg Watts, 12-4pm; Wendal Ray, 5-9pm
Monday  – Scotty Bryan, 5-9pm
Tuesday   –  John Friday, 5-9pm

Nervous Nellieʼs Crazy Waterfront Eatery
Wednesday – Hazy Hot and Humid, 6-10pm
Thursday  – The Oysters Rockinfellas, 6-10pm
Friday  – Dave Collaton 6-10pm
Saturday  – Rich Lancaster and Drew, 6-10pm
Sunday  – High Tide, 6-10pm
Monday  –
Tuesday  –

Outrigger Beach Resort
Wednesday – Endre D, 5-8pm
Thursday  – Two Hands, 5-8pm
Friday  – Allen Small , 5-8pm
Saturday  – Megan Rose and Smokin Bill, 2-5pm
Sunday  – Small Town , 2-5pm
Monday  – Geo, 5-8pm
Tuesday – Meagan Rose, 5-8pm

Parrot Key Caribbean Grill
Wednesday -Colleen Orender Trio, 6-9pm
Thursday – Frank Torrino, 7-10pm
Friday –
Saturday  – Frank Torrino, 7-10pm
Sunday –
Monday –
Tuesday –

Pete’s Time Out
Wednesday – Anthony Wayne, 6-10pm
Thursday – James Gragg, 6-10pm
Friday – High Tide, Sunset
Saturday  – Remedy, Sunset
Sunday – Patrick Murphy, 6-10pm
Monday – Anthony Wayne, 6-10pm
Tuesday – Dave Collaton, 6-10pm

Point Ybel Brewing Company
Thursday – Thursday Night Vinyl, 7-10pm
Friday – Live Music
Tuesday – Open Mic Night, 7:30-10:30pm

The Salty Crab
Wednesday – Anthony Wayne, 1-5pm; Chris Kemp, 6-9pm
Thursday – Jeff Green, 1-5pm; Ron Daniels, 6-10pm
Friday – Anthony Wayne, 1-5pm; Fritz, 6-10pm
Saturday – Gypsy Rebel, 1-5pm; Sheena Lusk,  6-10pm
Sunday – Sounds of Steel, 3:30-7:30pm
Monday – Sean Bright, 6-9pm
Tuesday – Sounds of Steel, 5-8pm

Friday – Anders Franzen Acoustic Fusion, 7-10pm
Saturday – Anders Franzen Acoustic Fusion, 7-10pm

Smokin’ Oyster Brewery
Wednesday – Frank Thompson, 6-10pm
Thursday  – Dave Collaton, 6-10pm
Friday  – Anthony Wayne, 6-10pm
Saturday  – Dave Collaton, 6-10pm
Sunday  – Lee Hagan, 6-10pm
Monday  – Will Kaiser, 6-10pm
Tuesday  – Anthony Wayne, 6-10pm

SS Hookers Waterfront Dining
Monday night – Rick Howard
Tuesday night – Chris Workman
Wednesday night – Renata with Face 2 Face
Thursday night – Steve McDougall
Friday night – William Zink & Meagan Norman
Saturday night – Mario Infanti
Sunday day – Bryan Huling
Sunday night – Renata with Face 2 Face

Sunset Beach Tropical Grill
Thurday – Wendall Ray, 8-11pm
Friday – Sheena Brook, 8-11pm
Saturday – Rashimba Bloom, 3-6pm; Clive Live, 8-11pm

Yucatan Beach Stand
Wednesday – Wendall Ray, 6-9pm
Thursday  – Pearl, 7-10pm
Friday -Chris Kemp, 8-11pm
Saturday – Al Holland, 8-11pm
Sunday  – Gatormoon, 5-8pm
Monday  – Patrick Murphy, 5-8pm
Tuesday -Bobby Blakey, 5-8pm

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