Relocating To Fort Myers Beach

Relocation Information

Not only is Fort Myers Beach, Florida a great place to vacation, it is also a wonderful place to live. With a population of around 6,300 full time residents, this lovely little town offers a unique sense of community and a relaxed vacation feel.

Fort Myers Beach boasts average daytime temperatures in the low-90’s during the summer months and upper 70’s to low 80’s in the winter. This is coupled with higher-than-average sunshine year round. It truly makes our community a little corner of paradise no matter what time of year. Whether it is relaxing on a warm sunny beach in the middle of the winter or enjoying one of our warm summer nights, you will be reminded year-round that you live in a tropical paradise.

Our 6,300 residents tend to be very civic minded and are governed by a 5 member town council headed by the mayor.

For more information on relocation, please view the relocation section in our Visitors Guide. You can view an online copy for free or a mailed copy for $5.