FMB Lions Shrimp Fest T-Shirt

March 17, 2020


Buy your 62nd Annual Shrimp Fest t-shirt here online. Cost is $20 for one shirt. If you want to buy more than one shirt the cost is $10 per shirt. Please put one $20 shirt in your cart and then hit the ‘Continue Shopping’ button to come back to this page and then click here to purchase additional shirts at the $10 price.

Please enter the color or colors you want for your shrimp fest shirt as well as the size in the field below. Shirts are available in blue, light orange, dark orange, pink, white and yellow. Both t-shirts and tank tops are available for men while only tank tops are available for women. We will do our best to honor your preferences, but can make no guarantees.

If you have any difficulties with your purchase please give us a call at 239-454-7500.