About Us

The Florida Native Butterfly Society is a 3,614 square foot greenhouse conservatory that is home to a variety of Florida native butterflies. Our extensive breeding program allows visitors to experience each stage of metamorphosis, or butterfly development, in a tranquil atmosphere.

We are also an educational facility to help teach about the life cycle of butterflies and their importance as pollinators. We have a wonderful array of flowering plants inside our conservatory for our butterflies to nectar. Our conservatory is the most natural setting for you to experience all stages of butterfly development.

We hand raise all of our butterflies throughout their entire life cycle from the egg all the way to the chrysalis. We release newly emerged butterflies everyday into the conservatory. This can be anywhere between 1-40 butterflies released depending on weather, season and how many have gone into chrysalis.

Weddings, private tours, school groups, educational outreach projects etc. are booked by contacting us at 239-690-2359.

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