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November 4, 2022 Services

Your insurance recovery results are typically based upon the quality of your forensic experts and the best Florida Certified Licensed Contractors.

The path to recovery begins with defining an accurate property damage scope and costs of repair report, by working alongside the nation’s leading forensic building experts, environmental consultants, architects and commercial contractors. It continues with scheduling, vetting contractors, permitting, rebuilding and final inspections. It ends with your property and business being back to pre-loss condition or better in the shortest amount of time possible while being mindful of costs.

Since 1989, Strategic Response Partners (SRP) and its team of industry-leading professionals have completed well over 14,000 commercial and multi-family projects from start to finish. SRP works tirelessly to ensure that you not only will receive deliverables that you can count on, but that consistently exceed expectations. This is done by engaging class-leading architects, engineers, environmental consultants, window glazing experts, building code and mechanical experts, all combined with our decades of vast experience and attention to detail on each and every matter.

SRP is nationally known as the “go-to” source for assisting property owners with recovering after an unforeseen disaster. Time and time again we are called upon to assist property managers, risk managers and housing boards both in the management of their post-disaster recovery as well as to facilitate the audit of the invoicing of other restoration contractors to ensure property owners were not overcharged or billed for services that were not appropriately rendered. As a result, SRP has consistently saved its clients hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in some cases millions, in over-billing.

Prior to concluding or agreeing to the finalization of any disaster recovery, allow Strategic Response Partners’ forensic damage consultants to assist in ensuring things were done correctly. It is always better to have a well-respected company with its team of seasoned experts working for you from the start – putting your interests at the forefront, from the moment a loss occurs and throughout the restoration and recovery process. Strategic Response Partners is the trusted industry-leader that you want by your side throughout the pendency of this process.

You Can’t Train Experience.

Property damage occurring from hurricanes, floods, or any other natural disaster each exhibit varying and different types of damage. SRP’s hand-picked engineers and experts are seasoned professionals who properly identify the damage at a forensic level and can present a comprehensive damage assessment. With SRP on your side, you can rest assured that our experts will be comprehensive in their investigation and analysis, and will not leave any stone unturned, all in an effort to assist you so that you can directly submit the findings to your insurance company, flood program or your lending partner.

When experience counts, SRP’s decades of experience and trusted team of seasoned disaster response coordinators, construction consultants, structural engineers, and building envelope experts know how to identify, quantify, and properly present the amount of damage you actually sustained, all to assist in the recovery process.

Construction Consulting Team

  • Prepare property damage scope & cost of repair report.
  • Complete Exterior and Interior Moisture Thermal Mapping for Flood versus Wind.
  • Critical path analysis: remediation protocol oversight, construction and restoration vendor management.
  • Architects, engineers, hygienists, forensic roof consultants, clerk of records and construction timeline management, as well as other various experienced professionals stand at the ready to step in and assist, where and when needed.
  • Complete Mitigation and Restoration Billing Auditors, all working on your behalf to ensure all invoices to you are appropriate.
  • Complete 3D Exterior Thermal and Interior Damage Assessment to provide further detailed analysis of all damage that may have occurred, so as to leave no stone unturned and to help ensure your property is returned to its fully functional condition.

When you need assistance with any property damage that you might have sustained due to an unforeseen catastrophic event, or you need assistance in preparing a request for a proposal to be provided to your prepared contractor, or find you qualified contractors to add to the bidding process, know that you can trust the nationwide leader that thousands of others have already successfully leaned-upon to deliver consistently exceptional results. When it really counts, rest assured, you can depend on the experience of Strategic Response Partners as your one-stop-shop. Contact us today:

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