Sand Sculpting Winners Announced!

November 22, 2018 Home

Here are the winners from  the 32nd Annual American Sand Sculpting Championship are:

Masters Solos

1st Place: “Tribute to the Wildland Firefighters of California” by John Gowdy
2nd Place: You Make My Heart Burn.” by Melineige Beauregard
3rd Place: “Dance & Breathe.” by Seveline Beauregard
People’s Choice: John Gowdy “CA Firefighters Tribute”
Sculptors Choice: Mélineige Beauregard “You make my heart burn”

(photos courtesy of the Island Sand Paper)

Masters Doubles

1st Place: Bruce Phillips & Jihoon Choi “Return to OZ”
2nd Place: John & Laura Gowdy “Dreaming Noonas bedtime stories”
3rd Place :  Delayne Corbett & Bert Adams “Connect/Disconnect”
Sculptors Choice: Bruce Phillips & Jihoon Choi “Return to OZ”
People’s Choice: Bruce Phillips & Jihoon Choi “Return to OZ”

Florida State Championship (Advanced Amateur)

1st Place: Lisa Fewless “Alien Vacation”
2nd Place: Amanda Bolduc “Pucker Up”
3rd Place : Bruce Peck “ Lost and Found”
4th: Wade Wheeler “School Lunch”
People’s Choice: Brendan Schaffer “Memorial to those lost at Red Tide”

Quick Sand Speed Sculpting Show Champions

Masters: Sèveline Beauregard
Florida State (Advanced Amateurs): Amanda Bolduc

Amateur Adult Solo

1st: Rich Hoover “Castle on the Rock”
2nd: David Swartz “Haunted House”
3rd: Jesse Fournia “Octopus”

Amateur Solo Children to age 12

1st: Ellie Bolduc
2nd: Lily Rajala
3rd:  Kenneth Houston

Amateur Family and Groups

1st: The Blues “The Christmas Tree Castle”
2nd: Sandy Lorax