Lucky Mi Noodle House at Seminole Casino Hotel Adds Bento Box, Wok Fried Lionfish to Menu

May 3, 2019 Dine

A tray of fried lion fish served with rice and other side dishes.

Asian-inspired Lucky Mi Noodle House at Seminole Casino Hotel Immokalee has added two exciting new dishes to its menu: a Thai-inspired bento box and wok fried lionfish.

The bento box originated in Japan hundreds of years ago as a convenient way for workers or soldiers to carry a single-serving meal. Traditional bento boxes contain all essential food groups including fruits, grains, protein and vegetables. Lucky Mi’s new Red Thai Curry Bento Box Curry features shrimp and chicken, bell peppers, shiitake mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, snow crab roll, and seaweed salad.

Lionfish, an invasive species, is a delicious menu addition, with a taste similar to snapper and grouper, and a firm white texture. The Lucky Mi Noodle House chef’s preparation includes a whole Lionfish, infused with citrus sake. It is accompanied by Asian inspired wok seared medley of tender bok choy, sliced carrots, Shiitake mushrooms and fresh broccoli with garlic ginger soy glace, atop steamed jasmine rice. The lionfish come from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean, and is available on a limited basis.

“We always endeavor to introduce innovative dishes to keep our menu fresh and interesting,” said Tariff Albakry, Seminole Casino Hotel Food and Beverage Director. “We added the Red Thai Curry Bento Box and Wok Fried Lionfish to the menu to offer our guests a unique and enhanced dining experience.”

Presented as an open-kitchen concept, Lucky Mi Noodle House features a noodle bar, dining room and private function area. Chefs blend traditional ingredients with contemporary influences to create new interpretations of Asian influenced dishes.

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