Lee County Transit makes mid-season update to Fort Myers Beach Tram Pilot Program

March 12, 2018 Daily Update

Lee County Transit, LeeTran, will make updates to the Fort Myers Beach Tram Pilot Program on Saturday, March 10, to better accommodate tourists and residents. LeeTran has extended the route of the Beach Trolley along a segment of Estero Boulevard that previously had only been served by the Beach Tram.


  • LeeTran’s Beach Trolley (410) route will travel between Lovers Key State Park and the Times Square area. It will still connect with the Beach Tram (420) at any stop located north of School Street along Estero Boulevard up to Times Square. Riders will have the option to stay on the Beach Trolley all the way from Lovers Key State Park, on the south end of the island, to Times Square, on the north end of the island.
  • The Beach Trolley and Tram will now both connect with LeeTran’s Beach Park & Ride Trolley (490) in the Times Square area. The Beach Park & Ride Trolley originates from the County’s new Park & Ride facility located on the corner of Pine Ridge Road and Summerlin Square Drive and travels across the bridge to Bowditch Point Park, as well as the Times Square area.  


The Beach Tram started service in February as a pilot program with two trams purchased after approval by the Lee Board of County Commissioners.

The Beach Tram will continue to run from Bowditch Point Park to Matanzas Pass Preserve. The Beach Tram turns around near Matanzas Pass Preserve by looping around Bay Road, Oak Street, and School Street to return to the north end of Estero Island.

This open-air, multi-car vehicle will continue to be free of charge and provide an easy, fun way to travel along the beach from hotels to restaurants, to shopping and other attractions in the area. It stops along Estero Boulevard and throughout the Times Square area, providing easy access to all Fort Myers Beach has to offer.

Both the Beach Trolley and the Beach Park & Ride Trolley are 75 cents a ride, two dollars for an All-Day Pass or four dollars for a Three-Day Pass. The Beach Tram is free of charge.  

The Beach Tram and Beach Trolley run from approximately 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week. The Beach Park & Ride Trolley runs from 7 a.m. to 8:45 p.m. seven days a week.

Please note: Because this is a pilot program and changes are being made, the Ride LeeTran app prediction times may not be accurate.

Lee County Transit, LeeTran, is the public transit provider for Lee County, providing more than 3 million rides per year. LeeTran operates 26 bus routes during season, 23 bus routes during off-season, a paratransit service called Passport, and an employer vanpool program. LeeTran employs nearly 300 people and has a fleet of 50 full-size buses, nine trolleys and 45 paratransit vans.