Help Restore The Fort Myers Beach Arches

November 14, 2021 Services

Bringing Back An Island Treasure

For 55 years the Arches stood as the entrance to FMB, and became the identity of the town itself. While they should not have been destroyed in 1979, 20 years later, rebuilding them was in the original Town of FMB 1999 Comprehensive Plan. Today, over 4 decades later, the Arches remain a symbol of importance to the community. This is evidenced by the full wall mural of the Arches behind Town of Fort Myers Beach Council chambers, and a first place listing in the Estero Island Historic Society FMB Historic Island Tour Brochure “Footprints in Time”. The purpose of Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches is to bring the arches back. Here are ways you can help.

Etched Brick Fundraiser

We have a fundraiser for people to donate an etched brick to the Commemorative Arch walkway. The name of a business, a family brick, and/or a loved one, are all good subject matter. It is a legacy in stone. It will be in front of tourists for a long time. The brick donations will help us fund the Arch construction. Get details here.

General Donations

As you consider the many worthy and charitable choices you might want to support, we hope YOU will also make a donation to HELP BUILD the “Gateway to Fort Myers Beach Commemorative Arch”. DONATE ONLINE HERE.