Help For Displaced Workers From The Barefoot Event Group

March 25, 2020 Shop

A light blue #wearefmb t-shirt.

Barefoot Event Group has spearheaded the grassroots, all volunteer #WeAreFMB initiative. FMB business leaders partnered with the Group to raise funds through t-shirt sales. Thanks to for online t-shirt sales and managing the initiative’s fund. 

Hospitality Worker Forms can be downloaded off of Facebook beginning Wednesday afternoon, March 25 at or have them emailed to them. Please contact [email protected] for more information. Workers must have pre-registered by submitting the form along with a picture of their paystub dated March 13 forward. Verified registrants will be notified via phone or email of the gift card distribution site. Gift card distribution begins Friday, March 27. Time and location to be announced. Verified recipients will be emailed time and location as well.