Event Wrap-Up: Lunch and Tour At Shangri-La Springs

August 14, 2019 Dine

A group of people pose for a group photo.

We had a lovely tour and lunch yesterday in the natural beauty of Shangri-La Springs. To learn more about their tours, restaurant or spa, please visit their website.

About Shangri-La Springs

We believe the land itself has a great impact on health and vitality. People know when they walk on these grounds that they are somewhere special. It is described as magical, a strong energy, center of peace, sanctity and a sense of connection to all. The spring to which Bonita Springs gets its name is on these lush grounds. Two giant Mysore fig trees stand tall and full amongst the historic buildings where programs, dining and private events take place. The unique, rich landscape that makes southwest Florida known as a paradise is exemplified on these grounds. One can’t help but integrate the beauty of the earth and the power of its presence in all activities that take place at Shangri-La Springs.