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September 20, 2022 Services

Traveling with kids made easy!

From car seats to strollers, pack n’ plays, and toys, traveling with kids requires an extensive packing list and additional luggage. This local, family-friendly company is allowing you to select the baby equipment and beach gear you’ll need for your baby, and have it delivered to your vacation destination, all from the comfort of your home before even leaving. Their extensive inventory covers all possible needs during your stay.

Everything will be waiting for you when you arrive! The best part: No unpacking boxes and assembling gear! Everything comes assembled, even their full-size cribs, which simply fold apart! Posh Baby Equipment Rentals delivers to all vacation rentals, hotels, and private residences on Fort Myers Beach and beyond. Once it’s time to head home, you can simply leave the equipment at your vacation destination and have your hands free for the journey home.

Take a look at their monthly sales posted on the FMB Chamber website and their Instagram account.

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