Southwest Florida Alliance of Chambers Conducts Interviews With 2020 Election Candidates

July 8, 2020 Daily Update

Text reads - Candidate Interview 2020 Election.


Recently the Southwest Florida Alliance of Chambers conducted recorded interviews of numerous local candidates in the upcoming 2020 election. You can access an entire playlist of the interviews here. The interviews include

Lee County Commissioner
Frank Mann
Juan Gonzalez
Kevin Ruane
Michael Dreikorn
Nicholas Batos
Ray Sandelli
Todd Truax

State Representative District 76
Adam Botana
Jason Maughan

State Representative District 77
Bryan Blackwell
Joshua Lopez
Mike Giallombardo

State Representative District 78
Charles Lynch
Jenna Parsons
Roger Lolly

State Representative District 79
Spencer Roach

State Representative District 80
Drew Montez Clark
Lauren Melo
Victor Dotres

State Representative District 106
Bob Rommel

State Senator District 27
Heather Fitzenhagen
Ray Rodrigues

US Representative District 19
Byron Donalds
Casey Askar
Christy McLaughlin
Cindy Lyn Banyai
Dan Severson
Dane Eagle
Darren Aquino
Daniel Kowal
David Holden
Patrick Post
Randy Henderson
William Figlesthaler