2018 Scholarship and Grant Applications Are Now Being Accepted By The American Water Resources Association

March 22, 2018 Daily Update

AWRA Florida has a mission to support education through the Rosanne Clementi Education Program. Each year, undergraduate and graduate university students, high school students, pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade teachers, and environmental education centers are awarded scholarships and grants. In addition, AWRA Florida funds student poster contest awards and provides funding to students to attend AWRA Florida Technical Meetings and AWRA national water resources conferences. Click here for the latest Education Program News. In 2016, AWRA Florida awarded over $19,000 to students and teachers. AWRA Florida is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Donations to AWRA Florida in support of the Rosanne Clementi Education Program may be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please Contact Christine Senne for additional information.

Sanford N. Young Scholarship

The Sanford N. Young Scholarship is an endowed fund designed to provide at least one (1) $2,000 scholarship each year to a graduate student enrolled at an accredited Florida college or university. Applicants may apply prior to being enrolled, but must provide proof of enrollment before the award is issued. To date, AWRA Florida has awarded $17,000 in Sanford N. Young Scholarships.

William V. Storch Student Award

The William V. Storch Student Award is available to graduate and undergraduate students enrolled at an accredited Florida college or university. There are at least two (2) $1,500 awards available each year. Applicants may apply prior to being enrolled, but must provide proof of enrollment before the Award is issued. Since its inception, approximately $44,000 has been awarded to William V. Storch Student Award recipients.

Buddy & Laura Blain High School Scholarship

AWRA Florida began offering the High School Scholarship in 2013 for high school seniors in Florida. In 2015, it was named the Buddy & Laura Blain High School Scholarship in honor of Buddy and Laura Blain. As of this year, a total of $3,000 has been awarded to high school students. Each year, AWRA Florida will award at least one (1) $1,000 scholarship to a Florida high school senior who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in academic performance and community involvement and has an intent to pursue academic studies in the water resource related fields of geology, engineering, ecology and/or marine biology at a Florida college or university. The scholarship recipient will also be awarded an annual student membership to the Florida Section for the following year. The Scholarship will be awarded upon confirmation of enrollment in a Florida college or university.

J.B. Butler Science Grant

The J.B. Butler Science Grant is awarded to pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade teachers and environmental centers to aid in water resources education. Each year, up to six (6) $500 grants are awarded. As of this year, AWRA Florida has awarded approximately $50,000 in J.B Butler Science Grants. This program has provided assistance to dozens of teachers and thousands of students.

Richard A. Herbert Memorial Educational Fund

In addition to the above grants and awards, AWRA Florida has contributed generously to AWRA National for the Richard A. Herbert Memorial Educational Fund that provides two (2) college or university scholarships each year. AWRA Florida’s cumulative giving total is approximately $10,000, the largest single donor to the Richard A. Herbert Memorial Educational Fund.