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Fort Myers Beach Pirate Festival October 10th – 12th

Ahoy mateys! Welcome to the 9th Annual Pirate Fest! We invite ye to a great ol’ time with yer lads and lasses as we host a slew of pirates, wenches, corsairs, and beauties at the historic Seaport of Fort Myers Beach. Enjoy our melodies and shows on two stages or watch our ships go to battle with thar cannons. Thar’s something for all at our ol’ festival… Dress in ye best pirate garb and win the bounty fair… You can dance in the moonlight at the ol’ Pirates’ Ball… or meet with your hearties at the Pub and Grub crawl. Fair winds me matey’s and see ye thar…

If you’re interested in being a vendor or performer for the Pirate Fest please contact Belinda Hadcock at reelpirates@comcast.net or 239.777.1727

The Tale of the Fort Myers Beach Pirate Fest………

Only three years have passed since Lord Henry Hyde arrived here in the Port of Old San Carlos. The Crown dispatched the governor to ensure commerce runs smoothly in the Port, and under his direction all forms of enterprise have flourished, both legitimate and otherwise. They all pay the Governor’s taxes, one way or another. And so the Port has become a haven for the most notorious and flagrantly shameless pirates, privateers, and ne’er-do-wells. Most recently the notorious Captain Flood was left ashore by the mutinous Morgan Levy, and is looking for payback and the return of his ship, the Briar Rose. Flood now commands a small fleet, having built alliances with the captains of several vessels of war; the Black Pearl, the Pieces of Eight, and the Black Duck. He hopes to persuade the Lord Governor to allow him the use of the Port’s cannon batteries to retake his ship. A storm is brewing near the Port!


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