It’s a great ol’ time with yer lads and lasses at this year’s Pirate Fest as we host a slew of pirates, wenches, corsairs, and beauties at the historic Seaport of Fort Myers Beach. Enjoy great entertainment all day Saturday and Sunday with melodies and shows on two stages or watch our ships go to battle with thar cannons. There’s something for everyone – kids and adults alike!

Events In The Lanes

Many wonders are to be had throughout the Pirate Fest! Here are just some of the things you may see:

  • Mike Quinn the Skeletal Pirate.
  • The Lord Governor Henry Hyde presides over his loyal (and not so loyal!) subjects.
  • Captain Jack (Jason Smith) poses for pictures with festival goers.
  • Music in the lanes by wandering minstrels For Love or Money.
  • Street magic with Rascal Robert Pirate Magyke.
  • Kids Find the Pirate Game – Go on a wacky wild goose chase to find the pirates!
  • Experience living history at the Pirate Encampment.
  • Jumpin’ John’s Pirate Puppet Show traveling the lanes.
  • Waterball Lagoon – a fun ride for kids!

Pirate Fest Event Schedule

Pieces of Eight Pirate Cruise Schedule – Departing from Nervous Nellie’s
Friday Night Adults Only 5:00 PM
Saturday AM Family Cruise 10:30 AM
Saturday PM Family Cruise 5:00 PM
Saturday Night Adults Only 7:30 PM
Sunday AM Family Cruise 10:30 AM

Friday Oct. 9th
Pub Quest* 6:00 PM Gathering at Fountain at Nervous Nellie’s
*Pub Quest Passes available for sale starting at 5:30 PM – Awards for best dressed after

Times Square Stage (Friday & Saturday Evening Only)
Live Music by West of Galway 6-9 PM
Adult Costume Contest 8:00 PM (Saturday Only)

Saturday & Sunday
Opening Cannon 10:00 AM           @ Battle Site
Gulf Coast Humane Society 10:00 AM          @ Old San Carlos Blvd/Times Square
Pet & Pirate Walk
Kids Pie Eating Contest 10:30 AM          @ First Street Fountain
Adult Pie Eating Contest 1:10 PM          @ First Street Fountain
Sea Battle 1:30 PM          @ Mantanzas Pass
Closing Cannon 5:00PM          @ Battle Site

Cannon (Main) Stage – Next to Nervous Nellies
The Cabin Boys 10:00 AM
Rusty Anchors 10:50 AM
The Craic Show 11:40 AM
Rusty Anchors 12:30 PM
The Craic Show 2:30 PM
Rusty Anchors 3:20 PM
The Craic Show 4:10 PM

Crow’s Nest Stage – Next to Third Street Entrance
Arrr, Inc. 10:30 AM
Blackbeard’s Kids Show 11:10 AM
Kids Storytelling Time w/ 11:50 AM
local author Wilson Hawthorne
Children’s Costume Contest 12:30 PM
Arrr, Inc. 3:00 PM
Blackbeard’s Kids Show 3:40 PM
Arrr, Inc. 4:20 PM

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